Super Saiyan Goku Figurine

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“I am the hope of the universe, I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace, I am the protector of the innocent, I am the light in the darkness, I am truth.
Ally to good…Nightmare to YOU!!”

The savior and protector of earth and possibly the strongest warrior of all time.

Son-Goku has always emerged dominant, fighting for those he loved and cared for. He will always be known as the original Super Saiyan and recognized as the face of the franchise.

Goku has always been obsessed with fighting those who are much stronger than he is and endlessly pushes himself to new limits to try and match his opponents power levels to defeat them.

At first impression, he may come across as a foolish individual or one of the most kind-hearted friends to ever have. Although do not be deceived, Kakarot (Goku’s birth name in Planet Vegeta) has set the bar higher every time he comes across a stronger challenger.

He has transformed into many different forms such as the original Super Saiyan all the way to Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue and his final invincible form/ability Ultra Instinct Goku.

He is earth’s greatest leader, defender and the one everyone relies upon.
Become a leader and not a follower!
Become a warrior that
will be relied upon when they scream your name!
Become Son-Goku!


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